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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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gerri: american airlines and usair raised hashing other merger but are they good or bad for consumers? less choice is bad. less competition means higher fares. we also asked a question 21 percent said good and 29 percent said bad. electric car is running out of power. some of the biggest names say these vehicles are not ready for the marketplace. short driving range, high-cost and shortage of driving stations by consumers show low-interest. nissan announced it was moving away from electric's toward hybrids. father of the toyota
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previous says it is time to move away from electric cars because of the shortcomings it is not a viable replacement for most conventional -- conventional cars. thank you dr. obvious. coming up tomorrow, get ready for something exciting a weekly segment with icons, a top designers, a fashion trend comic entertainment i will sit down with a fox business exclusive interview with super model iman. be here for that. we will see you tomorrow. >> good evening for defense secretary leon panetta and joint chiefs chairman and did to the senate armed
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services committee that they talked with president obama exactly once during the terrorist attack on the american consulate, said deadly super winter storm to bring historic snowfall, coastal flooding, while conditions and 3 feet of snow are expected. what is the department of homeland's security doing with all of the ammunition in its buying? another enormous ammunition purchase. agenda paula talk now about one point* 6 billion crowns over the past 10 months alone. we begin with the testimony of outgoing defense secretary panetta and chairman of joint chiefs general the see both bringing the ugly truth to light of the administration's handling of thank on see -- benghazi
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resulting in the death of chris stevens. lindsay gramm talked with president obama only once on the day of the attack. >> he relied with myself and the generals capabilities. he knows what we deployed and we presented that to him said he knew generally was deployed with as specifics to time he left that up to us. lou: he said he was bothered by the lack of security and admitted the state department never ask for any help from the military. >> did you ever get the message they could not sustain an attack on the consulate? >> was tracking that intelligence. >> did you receive that information? >> i did. >> get to the bodies. >> a great deal.
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>> why were forces in place ready to respond? >> we never received a request to do so. lou: we never received a request to do so. meanwhile the defense secretary could not answer a simple question was in charge trying to save the lives of the men murdered that night. >> simple question the families ask me is it fair to say you were in charge? >> it is not that simple. the people in charge or those on the ground. >> was secretary clinton in charge? >> people in charge were the ambassador. >> they were trying to save their lives. they were not in charge. lou: today's hearing revealing more than the american people want to know about the leadership failures all levels of our
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government on september 11, last year. questions remain with future tax with american interests. fox news correspondent with our report. >> based on time, ed distance. >> the redneck gets in on negative gone there in time. >> it takes hours to be able to respond. >> defense secretary panetta and chief dempsey said by the military could not do more to save the lives of about sitter christie's -- chris stevens and benghazi wants whatever 11th. >> in a the state's military is not and frankly not should be and then on one service capable of arriving on the scene within minutes to every possible contingency around the world >> republican senators were
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not satisfied. >> did you know, how long the attack would last? >> no idea is to make it last two days and never airplanes in the world before it was concluded? >> no senator. >> your responses are very inadequate and the same inadequacy for the security that you provided at the consulate. >> what did the president know and what he knew it. >> he did not asking about visibility what we could do? did you have further communications that night? >> no. >> did he call you that night to ask our things going? what is going on? where is the consulate? >> no. >> during that eight hour period to the presidential any curiosity, what kind of assets are helping? did he ever make that phone call? >> there is no question in my mind a president of united states was concerned about american lives.
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>> with all due respect i now believe that is incredible statement you never called to ask are we helping these people, what is happening to them. >> dempsey admitted he had seen the august 16 cable that ambassador chris stevens wrote to the state department warning that benghazi could not sustain an attack. senator graham wanted to know why secretary fenton testified she never saw that. >> i did not know that. >> are you stunned? >> i would call myself surprised. >> senator mccain said the u.s. providing weapons to the opposition. >> do support the recommendation from the secretary of state clinton and then head of caa general pretoria's we provide weapons to the resistance in syria? did you support that? >> we did. >> last week in "new york times" reported clinton and betrayed us and asked the white house for permission
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to arm the syria and rebels and paul rand said it may have been involved moving weapons to syria through turkey. lou: thank you jennifer griffin. the senator breaux the president's nomination to be blocked of john brennan. the question is different but no less intense. focusing on the drums killing american citizens and a security leaks. like emmanuel has the of report. >> john reddens confirmation hearing was interrupted five times by protesters before the room was cleared. he has taken heat from liberals as architect of the drone program and the kill less.
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he said it is not ideal. >> never believe it is better to kill a terrorist as detaining we want to so we can listen intelligence from than in the appropriate manner to disrupt a tax. >> closing demo is a priority but the administration does more killed and capture. they tried to show members of the intelligence committee the memo justifying targeted killing with jones but today press secretary carney said there no plans to share with other committees. liberals say more must be done. >> i am concerned the department justice is not following through with the president's commitment. >> another controversial issue, benghazi attacks a senator fire this warning shot. >> is absolutely essential the documents this committee has requested on benghazi be supplied before the
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confirmation moves forward. >> since leaving the cia bright and tries to have it both ways saying "cow was somebody who did oppose water boarding, i opposed different aspects of the enhanced interrogations program as some aspects i concurred with. senator john mccain is asking him to prove that the. >> explain what take -- techniques and why they could work and why some techniques which are in violation of the geneva convention are okay but others are not? there is a lot of questions for mr. brennan. >> after leaving the cia in 2007 he defended the enhanced method saying they quote max save the lives quote. >> i expressed my personal objections and my views about certain such as water
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boarding and nudity professing my personal objections but i did not try to stop it because it was something being done in a different part of the agency under authority of the others. >> also high-profile leaks that were strategically done to make obama look top. >> he says he is not the subject of a probe, but a witness. lou: thank you to our chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel. now the stunning disjointed efforts of communicating within the administration and a very serious lack of understanding how to react to the attacks on benghazi our next guest says the legally correct drone program carried out by the administration bears further examination. judith miller, a former u.s. ambassador, said john bolton
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, let's go to benghazi first rebels say i have heard very few days of testimony like general dempsey and leon panetta a one negative panetta it made me sick to hear officials speak with so little information. >> information they were willing to do divulged. we only have the questions we started in not getting straight answers. lou: and a logger care what they're willing to divulged. the american people are entitled to the information they talk to the president once in general dempsey and i was a rare security risk in chose to wait until somebody asked rather than assume responsibility and
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the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, a man leading the leaders in uniform. is gut-wrenching. >> is a conflict as to what the president said he said the to tell his people do every do and confirm from the pentagon knew was in charge with the state department or urgent -- but leon panetta says it is not 911 that when your people are in danger that is more than 911. lou: john bolton serving the government to hear the secretary of defense to realize the outcry and a need warhol from the ambassador and officials from the government as a 911 call and department of
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defense can respond, how upset were you? >> i was beyond upset and speechless to what the testimony showed. it revealed incompetence at the top of the obama administration that is breathtaking. the president not concerned with americans under attack, secretary of state's all day long never once called to ask what might be done? the idea secretary not aware for request for satiric -- security saying can we help you out? nobody is hauled in this administration with national security. not just the failure of benghazi on negative benghazi but exposing the risk of facilities, citizens and their country to attacks
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worldwide. these people and not doing their jobs. >> the senior people are not from ambassador stevens was doing his. and we have a hint he was trying to negotiate arms transfers perhaps that is why he was meeting with the turkish ambassador, the last meeting he had. lou: suspend critical judgment for a man who has fallen in service of this country, but he was aware of the security lapse from it is noble he would assume those for himself but he did for two operatives as well try to save his life and others trying to feed these attacks much of the responsibility rests upon the recipe was willing to accept for himself and those figures who were murdered
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and the ministration and refuse to of knowledge for three weeks it was publicly it knowledge at least it was a terrorist attack. it is a game i don't understand and i don't think most of the american people understand. >> i don't think they care very much. lou: the american people are not paid to care. we are, as someone should be represent them so they just care men and women die in the service of this country. i cannot comprehend the game being played right now. ambassador bill to? ambassador bolton? >> the media has been negligent. secretary of state clinton got through her to hearings without ever answering basic questions.
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today the armed services committee did a better job. the problem is a failure of strategy from the top and only get more dangerous. lou: should brennan be confirmed to the cia? >> i give great deference to the president's nominee, have not heard anything that disqualifies other than a hypocrite but that is the currency of this administration. lou: if not the city itself. [laughter] >> as opposed to our fair city. lou: not a matter of comparison that we would hope the nation's capital has a higher standard. >> i am not sure it does. john brennan i think is the president's choice and barring a revelation, revelation, yes, he probably will be confirmed.
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lou: thank you for being here. we will have much more on the leon panetta / benghazi testimony with a means for the security of the nation throughout the broadcast. >> targeting lawful gun owners and publishing names and addresses. we'll talk with somebody who knows the answer to that question next. more budget battles on capitol hill. where is the market headed? next.
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lou: in sharp swings in the market today and liz saunders joins us live from charles schwab joins us and says get used to the volatility. and then with the early trading to make it back even bnp and nasdaq down and volume on the big board today apple announces it will carefully consider the proposal that issue some form of preferred stock that sounds like a judgment rather than a deliberation and. couple of more than $13. boeing's stock up more than $1 the ntsb announced they have their the cause of the 787 problem to the batteries we thought that was the point* all along.
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and oil slips and the know at one point* nine 5% marking the fourth time this month the dow has experienced a triple digits wing with that kind of volatility isn't surprising in the face of high and optimism. let's start with volatility with a reflection of optimism. >> we had extraordinary low levels for the of past couple months with nothing resembling the volatility to get optimism where resaw inconsistent with the rally which by its nature means
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more swings. lou: would that be fair to infer? >> i don't painkiller it is anything sinister variety that this is anything more than a pause for the path of least resistance is up. >>. lou: strategist and managers given net -- mixed feeling there is a divide. >> relative to expectations it is in the high 60s admitted they the bar have got a lower around the of fiscal cliff, as we're
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finding we hurdle the lower bar but this quarter could mark the trough and earnings and then would pick up a little bit not stellar year after year that they would fall off a cliff but it would not come to fruition. lou: we have the big inflow and a substantial increase in appreciation of prices. is there any way you can tell us what you foresee? will if built? >> a college degree rotation will be out of bond funds into stocks. they did seize that in january also interestingly with bonds. with the money came to fund
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the inflow was cash. some of that was the tax act that passed with a lot of pushing of bonuses, temporarily boosted cash levels. dinner is also a strong inflow month. we will see better flows the don take the magnitude of the numbers of january to extrapolate the rest of the year. lou: i cannot take it times 12? >> no. not in any year. [laughter] lou: what do you expect the market to do? >> but with the targets i would venture against. lou: i want to have the sense of what would happen. >> all-time highs are within the sites, it is not that herculean task whether straight line between now or
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then it is less likely. the economy works better and the market looks good. lou: always good to talk with you. the press targeting on lawful gun owners while providing inaccurate information and one gun owners is our next guest. and major systems set to bury the northeast from it could be a historic superstorm, this looks like the real deal some parts could receive as much as 2 feet and you have the latest on the blizzard. stay with us. we will be right back.
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lou: this is a story we have been researching and following as the blogs have picked up on it. developments continue. the department of homeland security buying ammunition, now
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looking to purchase another 21 million rounds of ammunition in addition to the 1.6 billion rounds that homeland security has bought in just the past 10 months. now to put this in perspective, the military used approximately 70 million rounds each year at the iraq war in a war. back in july of 2008, you might recall, this is part of reason that blogs are picking up. then senator barack obama proposed a civilian national security force, this is what he said: >> we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set, we have to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded. >> you got to have that, right?
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we're not aware of president having created such a force. at least it is not -- well maybe it's covert, i don't know, we can't help but wonder why homeland security needs more than 20 times the aim of am nation as it took in the iraq war. unilateral power to kill americans with drones without due process on foreign soil is outrageous. joining us is judge jennine pe peero, host of justice with the judge. >> good to be here, lou. lou: we heard. enhanced interrogation techniques, now drones may be used to kill american citizens without due process on foreign sale, gets sort of a blip of a mention. >> you know, lou, we had obama
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come in say this is going to be the most transparent administration, only before john brennan is before senate we'll say now we release the memo on some of the reasons that we think we can kill americans to foreign soil, i brought by declaration of independence, which i carry with me. it seems -- >> it is well used. >> it is. it seems that obama administration is determined to chip away at the constitution. what do i mean? we have this second amendment. we're going to stop people from buying guns, they don't have a inherent right to protect themselves, and the 14thment in menth amendment taking away life, liberty without due process of law, we don't indict these people, there is no criteria that we have to establish that says we can kill them, we're take away lives without any concreteifing a of who the --
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otherwising a osingidentificatie people are, you what a list or a cri fearia of who is on top or bottom? lou: i have to confess, you tell me, and convince me that a person is a radical islamist terrorist. i want them dead. i want them dead. >> we all do. lou: instantly. so, i just don't want any disguise about my guts on this thing. but then i think about the department of homeland security, putting out a circular on returning veterans, and saying they are most likely -- this happened two years ago -- they are potentially right wing terrorists, they didn't say right wing, but terrorists waiting to strike the homeland. suddenly we get into a very cloudy area. it becomes a little disconcerting to think what an administration, whether this or any other could do with that
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power. >> you think of the purchase of all of this ammunition, 20 times what we need the for the war in iraq in a year, and you want to take away people's guns and kill americans, now have you a scenario where the president is talking about a civilian national security board? what is this? lou: this disappeared from all of his campaign materials, you know,. the fact is. the kind of gris for conspiracy theorist, but what are we doing in this country. when we're willing to suspend individual rights, due process, as we understand it, we're the ing twilling to close our eyes t pay attention to fact that department of homeland security is getting more ammunition for cries out loud than the marine corps. >> maybe we try to give them a benefit of the doubt, saying that maybe they want to take
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this out there. lou: that makes me serious. >> they are willing to say we'll cutback on second amendment, and 14th amendment, we'll kill you without identification of grounds to kill you, and what we'll do now, is make sure that you don't have ammunition, and by the way, it these right-wingers over there, make no mistake, that is what they are talking about. and they are worried about a up rising what is going on. lou: worrying about an uprising? or worried about maintains and preserving power, judge jenin pirro thank you. lou: thank you much, much more on drones with the a-team. >> joining us next, a global guru, legendary investor and author jim rodgers, here with us next. >> a dangerous and potentially
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deadly winter storm is bearing down on the northeast. it could be a record-breaker. we'll have the latest track on the approaching blizzard next, and just how many feet of snow is expected, that is right, how many feet of snow. >> benghazi, drones,y is s,sequestration, the pentagon under assault on capitol hill, the a-team takes up the political theaters and issues of national security. this is $100,000.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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lou: blizzard warnings now in effect for areas in and around new york city, connecticut, and boston, boston there could see more than two feet of snow according to latest reports. meteorologist saying that this storm, could be among the top 10 worst snowstorms that new england has seen. since records that began
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keeping. forecasters warning of white out conditions, heavy winds, snow, possible coastal flooding from connecticut to maine. the east coast is preparing for the storm to hit early tomorrow morning. snowfall is expecting to continue through saturday evening. we'll watch for that, and here on fox business network, and joining us now, a-team author radio talk show house monica crowley, and fox, news host, laurie rothman, and michael goodwin. you areon one not attired in well, you have a tie. let me begin with you, your reaction to the cia hearings? >> i thought that whole day was a debacle for this administration. these people are all applying for a new job, that is there only because the senate
7:42 pm
republicans refused to vote on his replacement until they got more information about benghazi. you continental bine that with -- combine that with john brennan, and martin dempsey, i thought it was awful, i thought that testimony was not believable, i thought that idea that the president was not involved that night, they didn't hear from him? that is a disgrace. any officer in the military would be court-martialed for disappearing in the moment of battle, this is our commander in chief. lou: the stunning testimony to me, it came from so many quarters, defense secretary, general dempsey, who said, no one asked him for help. that was a gut-wrenching, to me, statement, one that i never expected chairman of joint chiefs of staff to stay, lawy ? >> it was clear to me that, on 19 9/11, the outset it was not priority for this administration, there was no emphasis put upon it the
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president was not there, 8 hours passed since the president, and panetta and secretary clinton at the time communicated. we understand why there was such a weak response, why they let suzanne rice get hung out to dry, and now why they are desperate to back pedal. >> what was so interesting is the entire narrative this administration has set up from the beginning starting with the video, going on through, was unraveling before our eyes, nobody could really answer any questions directly. and fact that commander in chief, secretary of state, secretary of defense, start of defense was managing the whole thing he said point plungee point-blank, the president left it to us to hand element the argument about imcompetence with the bush team, which was not true, they were not true with the bush team, with this team you do have a
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time of incompetance, where is the outrage, and where are the patriots to stand up and speak out against this kind of behavior. lou: luckily, a number of them are u.s. sens senators had a goy of questions. we'll address those next, stay with us, with the a-team, we'll be right back.
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lou: we're back with the a-time, i want to start with two of the patriots i thought had an outstanding day, senator john mccain, and senator lindsey graham, i thought he was brilliant with his questions today. >> when panetta responded that the military is not a 911 ser voice defend delay in getting help to benghazi, for the 4 americans who were killed and
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graham said, did you know how long this attack was going to last? it was brilliant that whole exchange. lou: and to me it just sort of stunning to hear general dempsey, say he had to have a request for help, he knew the conditions at the consulate in benghazi, knew the level of the threat. >> he heard about the attack through general ham. he was getting it second hand knowledge, i would add one other patriot, i would add rand paul to that. but rand paul, in -- with hillary clinton about a week ago, he has been only one to drill down on what they have done actually covering up. which is what is the essence of this entire story. what were we're doing in benghazi? what was that cia really -- >> you say drilling down, i think that suggestion it was an arms deal for syria and rebels
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through turkey, you know, that may turn out to be the case. but the real issue for me is the fact that this, this government, basically was disinterested in the lives of 4 americans, that it refused to respond to in a moment of urgent help. >> don't you think what we were doing in be benghazi sets up reasons why,. lou: i think the reason they are disinterested -- >> jennifer griffin reported on, is that stuff what is happening in benghazi, who is that to have dis pose able people. lou: i think in musings and possibilities and imagings may turn out to be a reality, two brave cia operatives lost their lives trying to protect people who should never have been put in these kinds of risks and they did so with the full knowledge
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of the ambassador christopher stevens. and those two men should be i think, remembered. for their valor. >> could i add, we still, i would like to know where was the president of the united states for that entire night, we know he went to las vegas the next day for a campaign event, what did he do that night? >> well secretary panetta made it clear, he did not do much. >> right. lou: thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: coming up tomorrow, fox news middle east affairs and terrorist analyst dr. walid phares will join us, and author columnist jedediah will be among our guest. up next, wall street legend global guru, best selling author, and old friend, jim rodgers is joining us to tell us why he still says that asia --
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asia is still where it's at, economically speaking. we'll straighten him out. impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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lou: my guest retired at the age of 37, he cofounded with george soros, a successful fun, he said age of watt wall street, is now over. tomorrow's economy he says will be driven by food, energy, good stuff, good to have you with us. jim rogers. >> people who make real things, miners, lumber jacks, farmers. lou: how do you sort it out with folks telling me it is is all about a knowledge economy, we
7:55 pm
have to be highly sophisticated and binary. >> you have been watching too much television. we had long periods when the financial types were in charge, followed by long periods when producers of real goods in charge, we're back to the real goods, we produced 200,000 mba's every year in 1958, 5,000. lou: you are drawing a core larry with our decline? >> absolutely, you know more people study public relations, and agriculture in america we have no farmers, this is the place to be, you should become a farmer. lou: i am a farmer still. and as i say, i work long and hard to get away from the farm and farming, my wife put me back on the farm. tell us what you think will be the direct. i knoi know you are partial to ,
7:56 pm
moved your family there to singapore do, you feel still the right move? >> very much so, the largest credited nations in the world are china, korea, japan, hong kong, singapore. you know the largest debtor nation in the world, do you think i like saying it, i pay taxes here just like you do, i'm an american, is is not good. lou: we are looked to be a debtor nation imperson computery we seem incapable of directing our path. >> the death has gone up in last -- deat debt has gone up in las5 years more than it has. >> you think that united states is in decline? do you think we can resurrect ourselves from our present e
7:57 pm
ennui . >> can we? yes, will we? go to washington. you know what they are doing down there. the debt is going through ceiling again, and they are not doing anything about it except talking, for 30 years it has gone higher and higher. lou: business holding 3 trillion-dollars, american business offshore, if you will, but on their books, and ready to investment if only they had clarity if only they had a clear vision, and there was not so much regulations and taxes were so high. have you seen a time when merge business leaders -- american business leaders were so weak? >> wait a minute, would you bring country back in the country with what is going on in washington? wouldn't you want to keep it abroad. lou: why do they keep supporting people who enable this weakness, do you remember when business leaders stood up and represented
7:58 pm
themselves instead of going to the you know, the -- what chamber of commerce. >> if they are supporting these clowns issue these people in washington who are doing this thing. they are reprehensible. lou: just weak-kneed, we need people with spines, and vision, jim rodgers, this is the book, buy it it is "the industr "stre" thank you. >> join us here tomorrow, good night from new york.
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